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Version: Current (v5.0)

Pimax Crystal


This guide assumes you have PimaxPlay installed alongside SteamVR. If you do not have PimaxPlay installed, please install it before continuing.


Unlike other Pimax HMD's, the Pimax Crystal requires a different setup. This guide will show you how to set up your Pimax Crystal for VRCFaceTracking.




You MUST download the Beta version of EyeTrackVR! At the time of writing this, the stable version(s) does not have eye openness.



Create a folder on your desktop to store all of the files you will be downloading. This will make it easier to find them later.

1) Install and configure PimaxPlay

First, open PimaxPlay and go to the settings tab. Ensure that the eye tracking option is enabled in the device settings, and perform an eye-tracking calibration.

2) Install and configure EyeTrackVR Beta

Download the latest beta launcher and install it. Run the application to ensure it is working. If it is, close it and continue to the next step.

3) Install and configure the VRCFT-Tobii-Advanced Module

Launch VRCFaceTracking, and from the Modules tab, click the "Install from package" button at the top, and select the VRCFT-Tobii-Advanced Module. Upon relaunch of the application, you should see a new module called "Tobii Advanced" being loaded.

4) Install and configure BrokenEye

Download the latest release and place it in your folder. Run this and follow the instructions there.

5) All together now!

Now that you have all of the required software installed, it's time to put it all together. First, launch PimaxPlay and SteamVR. Once SteamVR is running, launch BrokenEye followed by EyeTrackVR (Beta!). Then, launch VRCFaceTracking. If you see your eye preview in BrokenEye and EyeTrackVR (Beta!), you're finished!


Some users have observed EyeTrackVR using a lot of their CPU. On newer Intel CPUs, this can be mitigated by disabling e-Cores in the BIOS. If you are unsure how to do this, please consult your motherboard's manual, or consult the internet.

Uninstalling The VRCFT-Tobii-Advanced Module

To uninstall The VRCFT-Tobii-Advanced Module, go to the Module Registry, select the VRCFT-Tobii-Advanced Module and at the bottom click the uninstall button.