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Version: v4.0.0


👀 Welcome to VRCFT Docs

Still In Development

A complete overhaul to VRCFaceTracking is coming soon, bringing big advancements to the parameters, modules, adding tracking data processing, and more. Be aware that the "current" version of the docs (what you see right now) is written for the upcoming version. Change to the "v4.0" docs version for pages more specific to the old VRCFT.

You have made it to the VRCFaceTracking Docs! VRCFaceTracking makes it easy to use your eye and or face tracking hardware of choice in VRChat, without needing to worry about whether an avatar is compatible with their headset. Here you will find useful documentation, guides, and tips for setting up and using the VRCFaceTracking software.

❔ Resources

Join the Discord for the community, discussion, and live support.

Visit the GitHub to view the source code and to download new releases!

Joining the Discord is highly recommended

The Discord is the best place to get help with VRCFT, and to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements. There might be a couple of links places throughout the documentation that will require you to be a member of the Discord to access.

Please Remember
This is a community driven project created by the community and provided for free. Please don't join the Discord expecting to get help, and consider helping others out when you can.

A good place to start would be by editing these docs or even contributing to the project itself!